Allyson Smith

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Allyson Smith has been tickling Canada’s comedy scene from the moment she put down the chalk brush and picked up a mic. With her sassy blend of in-your-face stand-up and hilariously insightful commentary, playing to packed rooms is just another day at the office for this former high-school teacher, whose credits include CTV’s Comedy Now, MuchMusic’s Video on Trial, CBC’s The Debaters, the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and just about everywhere in between.

As a young‘un, Allyson knew she was weird. While other little girls were flailing around in baggy ballet leotards, she was introducing her fellow sixth graders to power of a perfectly timed punch line. As talent shows grew into theatre and sketch comedy, Allyson’s calling became clear: she was going to make people laugh. And laugh they did.

A natural born entertainer with the pipes to prove it, Allyson was soon leaving locals laugh-drunk in sketchy bars across the prairies. No room was too seedy for Miss Smith.

But it wasn’t long before dodgy backroom deals turned into legitimate front-of-the-house bookings and a packed dance card of appearances at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Seattle Comedy Contest and Yuk Yuk’s across Canada.

Today, the “embarrassingly varied” teacher-cum-comic is a sought-after fan favourite, headlining shows from coast to coast and popping up in living rooms wherever there’s a cable signal…often uninvited but always charming (*wink*).

Despite emerging as one of Canada’s rising stand-up stars, Allyson has remained true to her talent show roots. Her down-to-earth nature and girl-next-door approachability have earned her the respect and friendship of fans and fellow comics alike. When she isn’t smiling in the spotlight, you’ll find her growing Canadian comedy from behind the scenes, hosting open mic nights, yammering with virgins or sniffing out dicey rooms that could use a few laughs.

Now, who’s ready for detention?